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Mobile Suit Gundam 100 icon challenge
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Welcome to the info page for Gundam100.

What is Gundam100?

Gundam100 is an icon making challenge based around the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam. After picking which challenge the iconmaker would like to do they have a set length of time to complete either 25, 50 or 100 icons. It's a way to add some extra fun into making icons basicly!

What challenges are there?

Currently there is X challenges.

Turn-A Challenge

The original concept for Gundam100! Using the full Gundam universe to make your icons. The only rule is every anime series must have at least 3 icons.

The following series must be used in the Turn-A challenge
MS Igloo, Gundam 0079, Gundam 08th MS team, Gundam 0080 : War in the pocket, Gundam 0083 : Stardust memories, Zeta Gundam, Double Zeta Gundam, Char's counter attack, Gundam F-91, Victory Gundam, G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, Gundam X, Turn-A Gundam, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, Gundam SEED Astray OAVs, SD Gundam (superior defender or classic is allowed) and Gundam Evolve (all are allowed, you can make 1 from 3 different or 3 from your favourite).

For the Mini and Micro challenges 1 icon per series.

Rivals challenge

Gundam has always been able two rivals clashing in the middle of a larger war and the Rivals challenge is to celebrate this! Pick either a set of rivals or use them all, it's your choice but at least 10 icons must feature two rivals together.

The rivals are as listed.
Amuro x Char, Shiro x Norris, Chris x Bernie, Kou x Gato, Kou x Cima Kamille x Jerid, Kamille x Scirroco, Char x Haman, Judau x Haman, Seabook x Iron mask, Usso x Chronicle, Domon x Master Asia, Domon x Devil Gundam, Heero x Zech, Wufei x Trieze, Garrod x Frost brothers, Rolan x Gym, Rolan x Harry, Kira x Athrun, Mwu x Raww, Shinn x Kira, Athrun x Sting, Stellar x Lunamaria and Shinn x Auel.

Heroes challenge

This one is pretty obvious, take the main character from each series and make only icons out of them. You must have 1 icon of each hero.

The following people are the heroes.
Amuro, Shiro, Kou, Kamille, Judau, Seabook, Usso, Domon, Heero, Garrod, Rolan, Kira and Shinn.

Crewman challenge

Gundam is full of unsung bridge crews, so now it's the chance to give them some love! Only characters who were involved in operating a battleship are allowed. This would be people like Meyrin, Bright and Mirai. If the character piloted a mobile suit at any point they are not allowed as part of this challenge, there is only 1 exception in the case of Jamil.

At least 3 series must be involved, this is purely to stop 100% SEED icon sets with it's large Archangel cast.

Mobile weapons challenge

Mobile suits and armors only. No need for more detail.

Char challenge

It just wouldn't be Gundam without a masked Blonde guy, so here is a challenge just for them. Every character based on Char must be used at least once. Three times cooler if red is used in every icon!

The following are the Char challenge characters, Char, Quattro, Chronicle, Swartzch, Zech, Raww, Neo.

Faction challenge

A much easier challenge but with a slight twist. Pick a faction and you can only use characters and mobile weapons from it. At least 5 icons must include the factions insignia and 5 must be in the trademark colours if they have one (Purple, blue and yellow for the Titans for example).

How many icons must I make!?

There are 3 levels of challenge at Gundam100. Each has their own icon amount and time, they all have their own seperate challenges and none are ment to be easier than any others. If you pass the time limit for your challenge don't give up! Keep finishing the icons and you maybe awarded a banner still for the high standard of icons!

Standard - 100 icons - 4 months to complete.
Mini - 50 icons - 3 months to complete.
Micro - 25 icons - 1 month to complete.

How do I sign up!?

Currently we are not taking any challenges on until everything is set up and ready to roll. Once it is a post will be made and you can reply to it to join up, you will be responsible for keeping a record of your own icons and which ones you need to do until you have finished the challenge. Once you have finished your challenge there will be a post to comment on with a link to your final post, at which point a mod will confirm you completed the challenge and asign your banner to a banner maker.

How can I help out?

We are currently looking for mods, banner makers and icon makers to take part! Please contact BuCUE if you would like to be a mod or a banner maker.

We also need people to support the people taking part and to enjoy the community, so even if you can't take part please join up and give people encouragement!

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